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If you are ever shooting your rifle away from a bench, you may need to fix or adjust something on it. Keeping the tools to work on your rifle handy can be difficult. You can either carry them as part of a large, heavy, and bulky tool kit or just carry the items you'll need with you. With the first option, you're obviously going to be dragging a lot of stuff with you most likely. With the second option, it easy to lose those tools in the field, or keep them where they are readily accessable without having to dig through a kit bag or stock pouch looking for that one small Torx wrench that you need. I've even taped them to other items or jumbled them into a small pouch that still didn't do much for organization although it did make it a little easier to find them in a sea of other nylon pouches.

The Red Tac LT Pack is a small folding wallet for the tools that you may need in the field. It is a single fold cordura pouch with internal stitched pockets for a cut-down box end wrench for scope rings and three Torx or hex keys. There is also a Velcro pocket in the cover flap. With the LT Pack I'm able to carry all the tools I will likely need to fix or adjust my rifle in the field if needed. Obviously these won't be major repairs but I will be able to handle things that pop up that can be done by the shooter.

The Red Tac LT Tool Pack.

Flap opened to access tools. The Velcro patches secure the flap.

The tools pulled up in their sleeves. The box end wrench is a standard wrench that has been cut in half so that it will fit in the pouch. An oiler tube can also be fit into the hex/Torx sleeves if needed, or the small T handle for an Otis kit.

The Velcro pocket in the cover flap. I use this to hold a laser boresighter and spare batteries.

The rear of the pouch. The sleeves are simply a stitched folded over flap.

The LT pouch in a pocket of my SPS bag.
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