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Rem 700 sps V .308

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Hope I'm in the right forum, awhile back I posted a question whether I should get the 26" or 20" barrel (tactical or varmit). Well, I don't have to make that decision anymore because my wife surprised me for my birthday with a Rem 700 SPS V .308 with a Bausch & Lomb Elite 4000 6-24 scope. So now I have a rifle, scope and no bullets, that's why I'm at the computer right now.
Tonight I'll order online 100 cases and 200 168gr match king tips. what should I expect?:) I've got a 450 yd range and I think I'll be spending some time on it. Glad to be with folks that like the 700.
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Glad to have you here as well!

You will like the 168 grain Match Kings. I get good results with them.

Here's my range report with mine.

I know it's capable of even better results with a bit more practice. You'll notice I pulled one of the shots!
Grab some FGMM 168gr's, 175gr's and also some 155gr Match ammo. Try them all and see what happens.
Also, we will be exspecting a range report! :D

I think the 175 would also be good and the 155 scenar's
In the 26" barrel it dose not matter as much, but if you had the 20" like me its very picky. My rifle LOVES the 168gr match king. You cant go wrong!

I think the 26" barrel is more tolerable of other rounds. I'm joining SWAT (eventual) and the only thing they let you use is the .308 168gr Federal gold match with BHPT. Basically the seara match king rounds you just bot. They use them in the Fed's.
I got some Sierra 155 Match palma, the last 2 boxes of match anything they had, and after getting the scope on paper I was able to cover 5 shots with a quarter at 100 yds using shooting bags.
This weekend I'll be stretching it out to 450 yds and start load development. I'm very pleased with the grouping and it may not get any better, 45.5 Varget, CCI, Win Cases. I'll get some 168 and 175 tips if and when they get them in.
I like Varget with the 168's as well. I use 45 grains of Varget, CCI BR2 Primers, and win Cases.

Post some pics after you get to shoot out to 450 yards!
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