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Rem 700 vs 770

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What is the differance in these two. I know the stock is differant but is the action the same or even close. I have looked at both and they look the same to my eye but I don't know if there is a differance in the inside that I can't see. Right now i am shooting a 26in Savage Model 12 VAR heavy barrel w/accy triger and really like it. I have a 770 in 270 but am looking to get a new .308 and am looking at the Model 700. Just wanted to know if I can go with the cheaper 770 because I plain on replacing the stock to a A3. Being in the Military I dont have a tone of money so I have to get creative sometimes. Thanks for any info up front.

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Mate, the 770 IS NOT the same as the 700. Its a cheaper version. If you wnat to build a good rifle, get the 700 with a heavy barrel, SPS Varmint in .308 would be the go and then build from there.
I thought they would different but it was worth a try. I am going to go with a heavy barrel 700 and build it up from there. I also saw that Snipercental has a beginers long range 700 built also. This maybe something to look at also. On another note I just ordered a Dillon 650 press so that should be fun also. Thanks again

Thats ok mate. The SC 700 package is good. That will get you started in long range work.
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