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rem 700p mlr

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greetings from south texas i am intrested in finding a new mlr in 338 i have heard that there were problems with the initial run. any infor would be helpful on finding one and have all problems been corected? i live right on the border in deep south texas and i know that that baby will come in handy!
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I'm not aware of the status of the MLR but I can tell you the 338 Lapua is one
badass round. My buddy has a Sako TRG and it's incredible in that caliber. It's pretty
much a if you can see it it's capable of hitting it proposition. Good luck and let up know!!!!!!!
Hey, the MLR does have some strength issues IIRC. I dont have one myself though. Some say that the action is too weak for the round and needs to be beefed up to handle the pressures of the .338LM. Maybe a custom beefed up 700 action would be better for you. A bloke on SniperCentral just had one build on a Defience action.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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