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remington 700 "sf"

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the is a new remington 700 sf or stainless fluted on the remington site its "new for 2009" and no one ive seen on the net has one yet and it looks like a good rifle but i dont no much about the accuracy, cost ect

if anyone has one or know of one can you give me some information on the rem sf

but there a "sv-sf-II" (Varmint Synthetic Stainless Fluted) continues this prestigious pedigree. which i belive is better but cost about 2k ($2000)
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Its just another money maker. Its all based off of the basic 700 action with modified barrels for different things. Suppressors for varmits.....come on. You can get a 5R SS cheaper. You can even build one cheaper then 2k Including the bull barrel contour, or any for that matter and a any stock and machine work. Here, read this.
By the way. I just ordered my 700 5r SS in 11.25 twist in .308. $1027.00 included shipping.
Its the same pretty much as the SPS Varmint, same stock by the looks of it, just a stainless barreled action with a fluted barrel. The VSSF has a HS Stock, thats why it costs more. What you could do is grab the Varmint SF, and then put a 700P take off stock from Mike R at Tactical Operations. That costs about $250 and then you would have a VSSF but without the high price tag.
Yeah 2,000 seems like a lot for a gun, but if that's what you want then go for it. However, it probably won't shoot better than say an SPS Tactical with a 700P take off stock - for less than half the price.
2000 does sound like a lot but im from new zealand and a rem sps with cheap simons 3-9x44 is about 1350 ish
That explains it then! I was assuming you were talking in the US.
Ohhh, In that case, yeah 2000 is about right. Im in West Aussie btw. Where in Kiwiland are you?
tauranga, bay of plenty
Nice. Ive gotta get over to NZ at some stage. Just not when the rugby is on!!!!
Recieved my 5r on the 4th. Bought rings and mounts and stock purse and 20 rounds last Sunday.....going to gun show tomorrow morning to hunt for my scope, pick up my RCBS rockcrusher reloader, find some dies and go shooting on Sunday. Oh paper targets too. Whew im busy and barely got to look at the beautiful thing. Too bad stainless doesnt come in camo...paint here it comes. lol
I hope all went well in your search for equipment today. Looking forward to seeing which scope you chose. Let's see some pics!
Quick said:
Nice. Ive gotta get over to NZ at some stage. Just not when the rugby is on!!!!
well at the moment the all blacks and warriors are both loser so its not that good to watch
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