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Remington 700 SPS Tactical

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Here is my Remington model 700. It's a SPS Tactical in .308. I've had it for over a year now. It's my first major "target" type rifle.

I put a Leupold Mark 4, 4.5 - 14 x 50 on it. That's been a great scope and the adjustments are crisp and clean!

  • Leupold Mark 4, 4.5 - 14 x 50 [/*]
  • Mark 4 20 MOA base[/*]
  • Mark 4 "high" rings[/*]
  • everything else stock so far[/*]

Some day I would like to upgrade the stock. But it shoots so well now, I don't see a need to do it quite yet!
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Nice combo. I'm going to pick up something similar one of these days... but I'll probably go for the SPS Varmint, just because I like a little longer barrel.
I looked at the VLS before settleing on the Tactical. I just felt 26" was a little to long for me. I was a little hesitant about going as short as 20", but after reading some reviews and considering the price difference, I was sold! ;)
That's what's great about modern CNC machining... just a couple of computer keystrokes, and a change like a 6" shorter barrel is done.

If I don't like the long barrel, I can always take it to a 'smith and have it chopped off. Good time to have the barrel set back slightly and a precision rechamber done.
Yeah that's true, it's a simple fix to get the barrel trimmed.

One thing I didn't like was the laminated stock on that particular rifle, and since I was going to eventually replace the stock at some point, I didn't want to pay close to $900 for a VLS (I didn't shop around too much on prices... they were selling it at Gander Mountain for that price) for a barreled action with a stock I didn't like.
BK said:
This is actually the one I was talking about, SPS Varmint. … armint.asp
Member #6!
I thought you were, but I had the VLS confused with the SPS. I had it wrong in my mind....:rolleyes:
Is your SPS straight out of the box, or have you done any tuning? Trigger pull, bedding, or muzzle crown?
It's completely stock.. out of the box. The only thing I've done so far is add a scope to it. I want to do some work on the trigger. It's that x-mark pro trigger. The feel is crisp and clean, but it's just too heavy.
Glad you like them! I wasn't overlly satisfied with the photos myself, but I guess one can at least tell what it is. ;)
Look like pretty good pix to me!
Very nice! Are the rings and base Leupold as well? Bill T.
billt said:
Are the rings and base Leupold as well?

Yes sir they are! I went with the steel ones to add as much weight as possible. So far I'm at 11.5 lbs. I will replace the stock at some point, so I think that will up the weight a bit more and if I glass bed it that should give me a few more ounces!
I'm a big fan of all steel rings and bases as well. No Aluminum for me! I like the added weight and beef steel provides. Bill T.
What height Mark 4 rings are they and what stock are you thinking about?
The rings I used are high rings. Although, I could get away with medium rings and still have enough barrel clearance. I haven't decided on a stock yet, but i was looking at some of them made by Bell and Carlson.

That link above has some of there "Medalist Remington Varmint/Tactical (adjustable stock)" stocks.
They make some nice looking stocks. They have one called a Remington Light Tactical stock it's one of thier newer models, no adjustments on this one but a nice basic looking stock and at a pretty good price. Brownells for $284
I'm considering that one also. The prices are very reasonable also!
Check out these ones, One of these would look very nice on a SPS Tactical. This is a smaller one made for a short barrel weapon

I would get one of these yesterday if I lived in the US.
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