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Remington stocks question!

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Hey guys I havent been able to find a answer and told its been a grading on the 700s...I have several BDLS...some of 1 black dot on the side of the stock some will have 2...and then you have 1 or 2 of them that just have a small brass fitting you can see on the side of the stock?Anyone know the purpose of this system on the remingtons??
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Have you tried to email or call Rem and ask them. I have a freind the works for them and he said to use contact there support line.

The black dot and the brass wire are cross bolt supports to keep the stock from splitting from the recoil. Under the black dot is either a steel rod or a fiberglass rod to hold things together.
I was looking on the Remington website and saw what you are talking about the Dots. It looks like the 700 CDL has one dot and the 700 CDL SF Limited has two dot.
Theyare indeed recoil lugs,some have one,some two,depending on action length and caliber.
Sooo the recoil lugs...does that mean its a better gun if it has two?
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