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Remington Trigger Adjustments

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Here is a link to an article written by Paul "Pablito" Coburn about how to adjust the factory Remington 700 trigger.

CAUTION: As the author himself points out, if you don't know what you're doing... STAY AWAY FROM TRIGGERS... you can hurt someone (usually someone else!)
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I have adjusted many model 700 triggers and find it to be pretty straight forward. The only thing that varies from trigger to trigger is the sear adjustment. I adjust all my triggers the same way, and for the same pull weight but each one seems to vary when trying to get them to pass the safety tests after sear adjustment. I am very strict on the safety tests when I adjust a "Remmy" trigger. I even go as far as putting the barrelled action in a chest freezer overnight and then re-doing the tests when the temp is very low. I do this because I have had a trigger pass all the tests in the house and then spent a day in the cold and had the rifle go off when I moved the safety to the "fire" position while unloading the rifle (old style safety). The best thing I ever discovered was the Jewell Trigger. I have put them on almost all of my 700's now and just can't say enough about them. They are around $220.00 but worth more to me just because of how crisp they are. You can order them already set for any weight you want and they are easily installed. Check them out if you get a chance.
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i wanted to thank trigger puller for posting this. i have allways paid some one to do this for me. i never realized how easy, and strait forward this was. it litteraly took all of about twenty minutes to do my nused 308. sweet and thanks again!!!!! :)
Same instructions I used to adjust mine. Pretty straight-forward actually. Have mine at just under 3 lbs. on a three-pull average, just need to go back and clean up a little slop at the beginning of the pull.
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