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I should have brought my camera. At least I had a cell phone.

Went down to the Range today and found that my local Gun shop, Superior Shooters Supply, had set up a Range Day with Savage Arms and Nikon. The first thing that caught my eye was the new Savage 110 BA in 300 Win Mag. It caught everyones eye and the wait to shoot it was beyond my attention span. I set my stuff up on the 200 yard line and after doing what I came to do I wandered back the the Savage display. They had a 6.5 Creedmore with a detachable mag that nobody was shooting so I grabbed some ammo from the Rep and sat down to give it a try. The magazine was flimsy and wouldn't lock in. Once I got it installed the AccuTrigger failed to work. The Rep thought I was doing it wrong so he tried and had the same result. The trigger would click but not fire a round. I've never been a Savage fan and this just confirmed everything I felt about Savage. They did make some adjustments to it and it worked fine after that.

I went back to my bench and fired some more rounds then noticed that the crowed around the BA had thinned out so I ask the Rep if I could bring it down to the 200 / 300 yard line and play with it. They had it set up on some sand bags and the benches on the 200 yard line are too high for the seats they have. I had my own stool and rest set up and he brought the rifle over for me.

I thought the magazine was a little cheesy but it seemed to work flawlessly and I loaded up 5 rounds to see how it shot. The scope was a Nikon Monarch 6-24 set at about 20 power. At two hundred yards, my first 5 rounds were about 2 inches. I switched over to the 300 yard targets and put five rounds into an area about the size of my hand. Not bad for factory ammo out of a rifle I had never fired before. I know that good handloads or selected factory ammo and a little trigger time would improve the heck out of that

The recoil from the 300 Win Mag was less than the recoil from my 243. That brake really works. I could almost spot my own hits and a fast follow up shot would be a breeze The rifle comes with the AccuTrigger and although I don't generally like them, this one was perfect. I didn't have a trigger gage with me but I would say that it was close to 1 pound. The Magpul stock is completely adjustable for LOP and height. It fits like a glove.

I don't really have any use for a 300 Win Mag but I'd sure take a 10 BA in .308. I'd slap a 243 barrel on it and have the most tactical prairie dog rifle going. It is one cool piece of gear and it works.

Since there was nobody waiting to shoot I put a full box of ammo through it. It opened up a little as it got warm but still impressive. I couldn't retrieve my targets since the range remained hot and it was time to go home before I bought something.
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