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SC ammo test

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Since i heard alot of you guys are from sniper central, i thought i would ask if anyone has seen the 308 match ammo test.
(Theres the link if you havent.)

I looked at the results from the 700 SPS and i noticed that somehow the $20 HSM ammo beat out all the others including the federal gold. Now this was obviously a very thought out test and who ever ran the test put a lot of time into it, but is there any chance that the results might be a little one sided beacuse of the fact that SC sells HSM ammo? It just surprised me that the ammo i could buy bulk at Cabelas shoots half-inch groups. please prove me wrong so i can save a hell of alot of money LOL.
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Yes, I have seen that... just looked at it again quick. Sometimes the "cheap" stuff just works. It would be a better test to fire maybe a 100 rounds of each... from several guns, in various barrel lengths etc.

I would have thought the "gold" would have done the best... I sorta thought that was the "gold standard" so to speak :D
haha me too. havent shot it yet, but i got 200 rds of the gold match at a gun show ($22.00 a box) STEAL! but i cant wait to use it.
Mel (SC owner) is a standup guy and his reviews are not biased. If its not a good product, he wont sell it. I believe that he didnt start selling HSM ammo until AFTER the .308 match Ammo review. Dont worry about the bias as it aint there!!!
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