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Scope adjustments

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I have a quick question...I want to be able to shoot out to 800 yards with my rifle. I don't, however, want to waste too much ammo in trying to get on target. So my question is....if the adjustments on my scope are for 1/[email protected] yards does it doule up every hundred yards? So at 200 my one click will equal 1/2in etc? I would appreciate the help. The reason that I ask is I want to be able to get on paper just by doing the math and then making my adjustments from that hit. Does this make sense too anyone or am I just wasting my time and should just go out and shoot?
Thanks for any help,
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Yes, your scope clicks will increase as you increase in range. For example, if you adjust 1 click up for a target that's 700 yards away, it will be 7 x 1/4" or a 1 and 3/4 inch increase in height at that distance. I guess the simplest way to figure it out is to just multiply the "multiples" of a hundred. So for your target at 800 yards, each click would be 2 inches in elevation or windage.

I don't think you are wasting your time at all. Being on at 100 yards and then doing some math will help calculate a good starting point, and then you can tweak the adjustment a bit in case there is wind.

I would say you are on the right track!
Thanks Semper!! I appreciate your advice. I am going to have to update the pic of my rifle because I just painted it. Nothing fancy but I got rid of the black.
Anyways, thanks again. I used Remington's ballistics calculator, and inputed the info on the bullet I am using into it and had it set at a zero of 200yds. I then chaged the range every fifty yards and wrote down the drop in inches (with a 200yd zero) all the way out to a thousand yards. It's a start for my range card. My next step is to do all the math and write it all down in my little range book and then make corrections from when I start shooting. Thanks again.
Cool! Looking forward to the updated pics! I've seen some painted rifles and they can really get fancy. Post some pics and tell us how you did it.

You sound like me, I'm very precise (well try to be... :D) at what I do with realoading, and like to calculate things out. I was looking at the Remington somftware this morning as a matter of fact!

I'm wondering if those programs ignore wind resistance or if they have that constant built in.
You can actually change the weather conditions, wind, humidity, elevation etc with this program. It's pretty cool. I am going to be getting into reloading here pretty quick...nobody around here has any of the ammo that I sighted in with anymore. Oh yeah, it also calculates your lead that you would need at the ranges and wind and how fast it's walking etc....I downloaded the demo and started messing around with it.
Hey Semper,
Do you know how much more velocity my 26inch barrell will have?
Here's some info about that... scroll down towards the bottom.

I've wondered about that kind of thing myself.

I'm sure there is a formula for that, but you would have to know a lot of information about the powder and somehow find out the rat of acceleration etc.
G'day mate, you are right on track with your adjustments. if you wnat to have it already done for you, check out and have a look at their ballisticards. I plan on getting a few. Also, try the web-based JBM calculator. Just goto google and type in JBM Ballistics and you will find the calc. Its accurate and handy.
Thanks for the info! I appreciate all of your help.
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