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seating depth 300 wsm

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hey guys ,i have been reloading for quite some time but can someone please help me with the PROPER WAY to find out what my seating depth would be to get the best accuracy outta my new varmit 300wsm? i plan on using the tried and trued sierra hpbt bullets . i was taught to "smoke" a bullet with a candle and carefully chamber it until it touches the lands.after trial and error i found the seating depth that my win.mag loves, but now that i found a new family hear i feel certain that someone can help me with the correct way to get the best seating depth. once again ''THANKS TO EVERYONE" for your expertise. i am striving to have the most accurate 300wsm in the state of GA.....SWAMPTHANG
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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