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Shooting Benches

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Do any of you shoot off a bench when out in the field shooting or at a gravel pit?

I've tried using a fold out table with legs, but it just doesn't seem as steady.

Something like this looks rather stable:

I'm just looking for some feed back/input about what type of shooting bench I would need. I think the one at the link above might be good because the legs are angled far apart and extend outward. I would need to be portable, where I could break it down and transport it in the trunk of a car.
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I sorta have a table like that already with the 4 legs type thing. I think a design with 4 legs is actually more unstable than one with 3. Sorta like a tripod is stable.

I could probably make one for half that cost any way. I have access to cheap galvanized pipe for the legs.
My concern is if the bench is even going to work for me and be durable... I'm 6'6" and 340 lbs, and tend to crush things I sit on.

OTOH, one it's settled in, the bench ain't going to move!
I prefer prone shooting myself. Have used a bench at the range a few times but prefer prone even there. Thats a personal thing though.
I know prone is the most stable shooting position, but I find it so uncomfortable. I've looked up how do get proper positioning, but I sill find it a tad uncomfortable. I may need to research that a bit more and get the position better. I also need a a bi-pod for my rifle I think that may help as I was trying to use some sort of bench-rest style shooting stand while prone.

I just had a thought, maybe it would help a bit also if I went to medium height scope rings instead of the high rings? It seems to me that maybe I was in too much of an upward position and that was putting strain on my back. :/
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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