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shooting interval

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hey guys new here and i like this 700 dedicated forum :D

my question is how do most of you shoot reloads ?
for accuracy ?

you guys do a five shot group and let the rifle sit a few minutes to cool down a little ?

i mainly looking at the best way to test loads for accuracy....

thanks for any info.
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welcome, I shoot 1 fouling round from a clean barrel, after that, I shoot 3 shot groups spaced
at enough interval as to let the barrel be aprox. the same temp each shot.Then I clean the barrel
and start over again, 1 fouling shot....3 shot group,but I do know others that use 5 shot groups
I just dont. However if you are shooting tactical the first c.b.s. (cold bore shot) is the most important
I shoot in 5 round groups and then usually switch to my AR to shoot groups with that. My SPS Tactical does not require any fouling shots to get accuracy, but my AR like to have about 5 round through her before she really performs!

I never overheat the barrels in either one though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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