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Spell Checker

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How about a spell checker add-on for this forum? It would be nice to have one I think.
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Yeah, I agree, when people type and not use the correct spelling, grammer, etc, it can get annoying. I defentily need the spell checker!!!
We now have a spell checker! You will see a small "ABC" icon at the bottom of the box where you type you replies to any post or post new topics. Simply click on it, and it will highlight the misspelled words in red lettering. Then, you can click on the misspelled word and a menu will pop up with suggestions!

Works pretty slick!

On a side note, we added some bulletin board formatting buttons. These will insert the proper BBCode characters when you need to make lists, or bold text or anything else.
There is a small bug in the spell checker. If you have any text surrounded by quotes or apostrophes, when you click on the spell check icon and are finished editing, the quotes or apostrophes will have a backslash in front of it.

EDIT --> The "backslash" bug has been fixed! :cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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