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Spotting scope question

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I was looking through my low-end Leupold Green Ring spotting scope tonight at the moon... :D I got to thinking, "how far can one see a bullet hole with a really good spotting scope?"

So that's the question I guess, how much farther does a high end spotting scope allow you to see a bullet hole in a target?

I was watching a program on the history channel where a couple of snipers where demonstrating shooting at 1000 yards, and I was getting the impression he could see the bullet hole because he would say things like, "for the next shot, give me a 1/2 minute high..." etc.

I've never looked through a high-end spotting scope, so I just don't know if it's possible to see that far clearly. It seems like it would be hazy at best because of all the "atmosphere" you would have to look through.
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Are you sure there wasent a marker at the target?? We have some one mark the targets with a spotting dick (large orange disk) so we can see where we hit with our spotting scopes. I dont think any scope would have the power to see a .308 hole at 1000yds.
Come to think of it, I've seen that before also. The target will slide down and they mark it with a fairly large disc. That must have been what they did, they just didn't show it on TV.

Just out of curiosity, have you had the chance to ever look through a high-end spotting scope? I have looked through a pair of high-end binoculars once and the picture quality is very crisp!
I've looked through a few good ones I cant recall the brand though. I've been looking around at getting one for Fullbore.
I bet that Swarvski one isn't cheap! My dad is looking to get a new set of binocular, it will probably be some set of Swarovki's or something with good glass. The cheap ones aren't cutting it anymore.
None of 'em are. I think the cheap ones are just shy of $2k.

Just checked at SWFA. The Zeiss was about $2100. The other two were a lot more.
LOL. Damn, I ask my parents If I could have a Spotting Scope for my parents and the most they are going to spend if $250!!!!!!! I said that I would ship in the rest then. I'll only be able to afford a cheapy.
I actually kinda like the Leupy Green Ring spotters. $279 is not that far out of your price range, at least if you were here. Probably a lot more down there.
Yeah that the thing mate. It would be closer to $500 down here. Ill proberly end up getting a 2nd hand one if I can find a decent one.
I second the green rings... they are actually pretty good for the money. I have the 15x - 45x, the picture isn't quite as clear at the highest zoom, but it's definately fine out to 150 yards or so (maybe farther even, but 150 is my range "limit").

A good camera tripod helps a lot as well!
How do you think it would go at more like 900yds??
Quick said:
How do you think it would go at more like 900yds??
It's just hard to say since I couldn't compare between a high-end scope and the green ring. However, I did look at the moon with it the other night, and I could see that clearly! I may be wrong, but I think the moon is a little beyond 900 yards away! :lol:

They do make a green ring with an 80mm objective, mine has the 60mm objective. The 80mm would let in more light. I would try and find some reviews or just shop around to see what you can find that's a decent price and gives a good image.

Here's some good reviews on a Bushnell. Seems like the image quality may be a bit better over the Leupold Green Ring.
Cheers mate. I just gotta get the SPS Tactical built first. Then maybe a spotter.
I'd most likely use my 70-200L with 2X TC on my Canon if I need to see something really far. :)
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