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Sps makes me look BADDD

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For some reason, I pulled one shot out of every 3 shot group I attempted Sometimes it was the first shot, sometimes it was second, sometimes it was third.

The wind was horrible, and its been years since I shot a real rifle

I was impressed with the performance even with cheap Magtech ammo, but my hand loads were way more consistent. Heres the last two groups I shot, before heading out.

I didnt get to measure them, and my stomach has been killing me all day, so I just headed out. Cant wait to get some more range time with it, and see how bad of a shot I am at 200, 300+ Eventually Id like to start shooting at 600, but I think today made me realize how much practice I really need.
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New Rifle in high wind, not too shabby. My SPS Tactical took a couple of trips to get used to. My main issue was the trigger which I adjusted to break real light. Most of my shooting prior to this rifle was with off the rack Ruger hunting rifles that had Kung FU grip triggers so it took some getting used to. Keep working with it and she will come around. I'm not kidding, they are capable of some pretty incredible accuracy. It's an off the shelf rifle that will hang with the big dogs with a little practice.
Good luck.
That looks about where I started with mine... I was probably a little worse. But yeah handloads are the way to go!
Keep practicing mate. Do you have a .22LR to practice with??If you dont, GET ONE!!!!! Just practice, practice, and practice and you WILL get better.
Sometimes it takes a while to work up a load that will shoot well.
You'll be fine. It takes a little while to get things straight.

jerrschmitt said:
Sometimes it takes a while to work up a load that will shoot well.
Hotshot you mentioned in your post, I pulled one shot sometimes the second sometimes the thrid.
Almost always if you pay strick attention to where you place your cheek each and every time on that stock the problem will go away, if that cheek placement changes on each shot this will happen. and sometimes it will happen more with lesser grade scopes and it will happen even more often when shooting open sights.
I also use a lead sled just to hold it up and place the gun to the rear of the sled with your none trigger hand and then pinch the trigger back using your index finger and thumb by placing your thumb on the back of the trigger guard. not grasping the stock in the regular way at all.
Try and do some of this and you "may" see your 5 shot group go into one little hole.
Yes you can't do this while hunting but you can see what your rifle and load "can do."
I have had a lot of guys come up to my bench at the range "looking" they just say "I'm just looking at the way you pull the trigger"
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Hi Hotshot,
If your stomach was crook it's no wonder you pulled the odd shot, here and there. It probably spoiled your follow through, because that is what we do last, when firing an aimed shot. Is it a new gun? If it is you were probably desperate to shoot it and didn't give any thought to how you felt. Well, it isn't the end of the world and you did have some nice clusters there. Quick's idea of practicing with a rimfire is good. You would really know how good your FT was then.
Happy trails
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