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SPS Tactical Builds.

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G'day all.

I thought that it would be good for all of us to post the specs of our own SPS Tacticals or our intended builds at the very least.

Ive recently chosen the SPS Tactical over the Tikka T3 Varmint MT for a few reasons.
The 700 action
Ability to modify/accurise the 700 action
The accuracy of the rifle itself

My planned build is:

Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 Win
Wonder Optics 4-14x50 OR Falcon Menace 4-14x44 FFP
20MOA Pictinny Rail
30mm Rings (Possibly Burris XTR Low)
HS Precision 700P Take-Off Stock
Harris 6-9" Swivel Bipod
Tac Ops Cheek Pad

What do you guys all think??

Down the road I will hopefully put a Night Force NXS 3.5-15 or a Leupold Mark 4 M1 3.5x10 or 4.5-14.

This is designed as a long range large vermin rifle and a F-Class Standard rifle as well. It wont be exceptional at either i think but it should be tons of fun and very nice to shoot.

Also, this planned build should look very sexy!!!!
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That will be a solid setup Quick! I've heard that the Night Force scopes have very good glass, some say better than the Leupold.

Here's mine:
  • SPS Tactical in .308[/*]
  • Leupold Mark 4 4.5 - 14 x 50[/*]
  • Mark 4 High Steel rings (for weight)[/*]
  • Mark 4 1 piece scope mount 20 MOA[/*]
  • Standard stock[/*]
How much did the Mark 4 rings + base cost? I was thinking of the Millet or EGW 20MOA bases or maybe the Burris XTR Low rings.
The Mark 4 rings are about $139 (US) and the 1 piece base is around $85 (US).

That's a little more than I would have actually like to have spent, but... it was a birthday present, so I can't complain!:cool:

I think people are mostly satisfied with the Burris rings or another quality brand. Just shop around and find the best deal you can. If you want to make your gun as heavy as possible, then try and find them in steel if you can.
Hey Quick!

I think I would give it a good wringing out at the range before I started mucking too much with it. I would not be at all surprised if she shoots .5 MOA out of the box.
BK, I hope to hell that she does. I would just like the HS 700P take off though, it will soo and hopefully shoot much better.

I think that a Millet or EGW 20MOA base and maybe Burris XTR low rings would be the go. They should be a decent price i reckon and decent quality aswell.
I agree with BK, I like to shoot a gun "as is" for awhile before doing to much to it. That way I can spot any defects and what not.

A lot of guys go with the 700P take off though, so I'm sure that will be a solid choice when you get around to switching those out.

By the way Quick, what's the price of those tactical in the "land down under"? :)

I'm curious to see what those are selling for in places outside the US. I heard in some of the European countries the prices where quite high for rifles in general.
Quick said:
BK, I hope to hell that she does. I would just like the HS 700P take off though, it will soo and hopefully shoot much better.
I hear ya. The second most important quality (after safe) that a weapon has is that you are comfortable with it. If that means immediately changing stocks, I understand, and concur.
I'll have to pay around $1305 - $1400 AUD for mine. With the exchange rate they way it is, its just gotten more expensive. I'll buy rifles within Australia. But still Optics and such from overseas. Its still cheaper.
I guess the main thing is that you are still able to get rifle down there, at least the bolt action type. I say a video where I think it was in Australia where they confiscated a large number or semi autos. Is that correct?

A good site that has prices for optics is from I bought a spotting scope from there and they had the best prices plus free shipping. Not sure if you've checked them out or not.
Yep, back in 1997 the great gun buy back. My dad lost: an AR18, Mini-14 Stainless, 2x Gevarms, 10/22 and he also gave up his very ncie Annie .22 Hornet taht I still abuse him about because he got rid of it!!!!

I've had a look at Optics planet and they wont ship to Aust.
Man I couldn't bear to give up some of my guns. We all put a lot of time into them and they have a certain sentimental value. I guess at least you can keep the bolt style guns.

To bad about opitics planet... they have some decent prices.
Yeah, many of us aussies are still very unhappy about losing our semi-autos and pump-action shotguns.

I'm hoping I can get the Wonder 4-14x50, the price is better then the Falcon with my exchange rate.

Also 2pce or 1pce base, what do you think. I was think about getting the SC 22MOA 2pce bases instead of a one peice but it doesnt allow as much adjustment, (ie postion of scope itself, eye relief adjustment, etc).

I was thinking for optics wise:

Wonder Optics 4-14x50
Burris XTR Low 30mm Rings
20MOA Millet Base

That should allow me out to about 900yds I think.
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I went with a 1 piece base because it weighs a little more and also it would be (in theory) a bit more sturdy. I think also it would help keep the scope aligned perhaps a little straighter since it's one piece. Where as with a two piece, one of the piece "could" be offset somehow maybe making it difficult to get the scope in line. If it's way off, it could cause binding in the scope rings.

Have you read some reviews on the Wonder Optics scopes? If I remember correctly, I think they are good scopes. I'm not sure if SC has a review on them or not.

I went with a 20MOA base as well. I think you should go with the one piece base also, just because of the adjustment factor you mentioned above.
Sounds like a good build quick. But I urge everyone, that if they can find a stock that fits them better than their current one, go for it. Even if it means the few extra hundo dollars. You'll really appreciate it when you're laying behind it in the field or at the range. And you'll see the obvious accuracy benefits when you examine your target.

When I switched from a 700p take off to a manners t-4 on my go-to rifle I thought it was a good choice. Now, I believe it's been a great choice.

And quick, contact Glen Seekins ( and see if he will ship overseas. His stuff is the shit.
Ok then mate, I will do. I've heard great things about Glen's equipment. Very good things.
I had a look at Glens site, and while the stuff certainly looks top notch, the cost is what is going to keep me away. I think that the Burris Rings and say a 20MOA EGW base would be the go. Though now I'm kinda thinking about the Bushnell 5-15x40 Tactical instead of the Wonder Optics 4-14x50 but will have to try and find out more about each. The Falcon is still nice but I would prefer pure MilDots instead of the MP20 reticle.
Between the B&C and HS.

If its going to be used mostly for bench, go with the B&C, its a heavy stock.

The HS is a little nicer to carry all day in the field. I have both. My SPS is droped in the HS.

But I also argee with Hypno, the next custom build will be in a manners or mcmillian.
Quick, I prefer the standard mil dot recticle myself. It has a clean simple look. I would just go with the standard mil dot like you want to do.
Its also going to be a carry rifle for pigs, roos, donkey, and long range foxes and da lil wabbits. LOL.

I think that I might go with the Bushnell really. Its a more proven scope and a very good qualtiy brand name. Where did you get yours from Boone?? Also is it a 1" or 30mm tube??
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