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I wanted to post here to ask a few questions about a stock I am building. I made a carbon fiber composite stock for a Springfield M1A that I own and it turned out really well (see attached images). I am actually getting a lot of interest in it from the M14/M1A crowd. I think my next project is going to be making a carbon fiber composite stock for a .308 Remington 700 SPS Tactical . I've been wanting to get one of these rifles and this is the perfect excuse to finally get it. :)

I am fortunate to have ready access to a CNC machine shop that also has carbon fiber composite manufacturing capabilities. To make the stock, I made a large aluminum mold and bladder molded the stock under about 70 to 80 psi of pressure at about 300 d F. The M1A stock is 100% carbon fiber composite. I understand, though, that the higher end Rem 700 aftermarket stocks have metal pillars.

So, my questions are more about what I need to engineer into the 700 SPS Tactical stock to make it a good shooter. I am planning to embed metal pillars for the receiver, ensure the barrel is free floated, and build plenty of stiffness into the forend so it doesn't contact the barrel when the rifle is shot (or when a bipod is attached). What else should I be thinking about? Let me know what you think.




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