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Well, last year they only ran the SPS Ltd for a limited time, hence the name. It's the same as the SPS Tactical but with a tuperware stock and I think it retailed for around $500-$525 so it wasn't that much less.

The short tactical as I understand it is the XCR Compact Tactical. It's a 700 with a Bell & Carlson compact tactical stock and a 20" LTR barrel and it wholesales for more than twice what the SPS Tactical retails for. If you want an XCR Compact Tactical get with me and we'll piece one together for you. We can get an SPS youth BDL for $500, a Bell & Carlson compact tactical stock for $300 and a 20" ER Shaw barrel for $160, cerakote it for $100 and be out the door for $1060 which is less than the wholesale price from Remington. Throw another $100 into a Timney trigger and you'll have a heck of a nice shooter with a custom look, certainly sub.5 MOA on the cheap. Crimony, you could get the SPS tactical for $600 or whatever they go for and put it in the B&C stock and be good to go for $900.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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