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SPS Tactical guidance please

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I have spend countless hours scouring the net for rifle reviews to decide what Tactical rifle I needed to buy, I finally came to the conclusion that the Remington 700 SPS Tactical in 308 is the gun for me:D

So about a week ago I finally located one over here in Sydney Australia, for $1200AU, which is a great deal over here, but still close to two weeks wages. So I put a deposit on this beauty, as it is the perfect addition to my gun cabinet, to be used for long range Deer hunting, as well as culling feral Pigs and Goats in the Aussie Bush.

I am currenty waiting for my permit to aquire to be processed, to be able to take possesion of my new toy.

In the mean time I have purchased a Leupold Mark 4, 6.5-20X50mm LR/T M1 Scope for it.

Now for my Questions:

1) Does anyone here have the same combo of rifle and scope??

2) Can anyone recommend a scope base and rings to use for this set up, I want the scope mounted as low as possible on the rifle, with the bell only just clearing the barrel.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, and feel free to post photos if you have the same or similar set up.
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Sounds good, will check these out, thanks for the feed back......keep the info coming!!

Loving this site, just been reading all the old posts and learning a lot!
:)There seems to be a lot of Aussies here

Will send you e mail thanks for the feed back, great forum here...
Have received a call from my gun shop that my Leupold Scope has arrived from the distributor, will be picking it up mid week next week, can't wait, even though I do not even have the rifle yet....will post up some pictures once she arrives.

Have also ordered on e bay, a set of reloading dies (Lee Deluxe set with full length sizing die and collet die), 308 ammo boxes and case lenth trimmer....I like to be ready when I finally get my permit to pick my new SPS up from the dealer...
OK, I got my SPS Tactical today, and also bought the Leupold PRW Mounts and bases to suit my Leupold Scope, only had to use medium height mounts as well, could have used low, if I did not use the flip up scope caps that came with the scope.

Will get some photos up as soon as I take some, also have a Harris Bi Pod. (its only standard, so I am sure you all know what it looks like anyway).

These are the bases I got, as I know many people are unsure what to go for these are very nice, and to me look like they belong on the SPS:
Its a pain buying riles here these days (after the Port Artur Massacre in 1996 where 36 people were killed), lawfull and licenced firearms owners had their semi auto shot guns, rifls etc conficated, and all gun laws were tightened up, causing many peope not to bother any more with firearms ownership.

It is also expensive here, my SPS Tactical, Leupold Scope and rings cost me around A$3000, around three weeks wages for a public servant like myself here.

However I love my new rifle and can not wait to get to the range, and further more to take it out into the field for some serious hunting adventures!!!
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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