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SPS Tactical questions

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HELLO, I'm new here to a new site!:D I am interested in a SPS Tactical.

I have a few questions...

1. Has anyone chronographed their 308 with the 20" barrel? If so, what was the results?

2. What is the barrel diameter at the muzzle?

Thanks for any info!!
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Welcome to the forums!

Question 1: I have and SPS Tactical in .308. The reloading manual states that for my particular load, I should be a 2600 fps. out of a 24 inch barrel. I've been trying to find the answer to that myself, on what my velocity would be at 20 inches. From what I've read it's about 40 fps reduction per 2 inches of barrel length. So that would mean it would be around ~2500 fps.

Here's some more info I found at this website:

The Remington Catalog 2003 includes a "Centerfire Rifle Velocity Vs. Barrel Length" table that shows the following velocity changes for barrels shorter or longer than the test barrel length:

MV 2000-2500 fps, the approximate change in MV per 1" change in barrel length is 10 fps.
MV 2500-3000 fps, the approximate change in MV per 1" change in barrel length is 20 fps.
MV 3000-3500 fps, the approximate change in MV per 1" change in barrel length is 30 fps.
MV 3500-4000 fps, the approximate change in MV per 1" change in barrel length is 40 fps.
So I don't think the velocity loss is all that much. Some guns might shoot a bitter with a slightly reduce load velocity. It might give you a bit more accuracy!

Question 2: here's a pic that shows a caliper on the end of my muzzle.

It's .850 inches at the muzzle.

Hope that helps you out some!
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I just bought my first rifle...a SPS Tactical .308. I added a Nightforce 1 piece 20MOA scope base. I just bought a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50 scope and now I just need the rings. I want to get the Burris Xtreme Tactical Rings but I don't know which ones I can use. Will the medium height rings work with the 50mm scope. I thought I read someone say that they used medium rings with a 50mm scope on a SPS Tactical but I wanted to run it by you guys. This site is the reason that I decided on the SPS Tactical. Thanks for all the great information. I can't wait to take it to the range when the scope gets here.
Welcome to the forums! I think the XTR rings are a good choice!

I have the Bushnell 4200 50mm 6-24 on my AR-15 and I use the XTR rings.

Having said that, I have a 50mm Mark 4 on my SPS Tactical, and I use "high" rings on a 20 MOA base. However, I think I could get away with medium rings and still have plenty of clearance.

In the photo below, you can see I have plenty of height. (By the way: I think I read somewhere on another forum where someone actually used "low" rings on their SPS. It was really cutting it close, but I think it did clear even with low rings.)

How do you like the Bushnell 6500?
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With the XTR rings, all objective sizes upto and including 50mm are fine. The are abnormally high rings for low rings if you catch my drift. I use TPS TSR 30mm Med Rings on my SPS. Just waiting on my scope.
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