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SPS Tactical with Falcon Menace

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Finally getting around to getting some pictures. Camera is broken so I'm using a cell phone... so forgive the quality.
SPS Tactical, .308
Falcon Menace 4X14X44 FFP, EMD
Burris XTR med. rings
Weaver bases (for now)
Tac-Ops cheek pad/ammo holder
Harris 9"-13" bipod
The Claw sling

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Just saw this on my laptop, and the right half of the pictures are cut off, but on my desk top computer, they're fine. Not sure what's going on. I compared the new scope, side by side, with the Simmons I was using this season for hunting, and the difference was pretty awesome. The Simmons put a very brown earthy tone to everything, while the Falcon seems "ultra" clear, with a more "real" clarity, where much more stood out. That's the difference between a cheap scope and one that costs literally 10 times as much. My comparisions were done with both on 9 power, side by side, looking at my neighbor's vehicle 200 yards away. I've shot with several different Leupold's, including the VX-3 (though not the Mark 4) and quality seemed comparable to these, at least. Per reviews on SC and Sniper Hide, I think the optic is going to be great, but there are a few minor problems. No instructions, no warranty card, and no markings on the box or the scope for that matter (other than a serial number on the bottom) which I expected after reading the reviews. The scope covers are worthless, but it did come with 2 different sun shades which matched the deep matte of the scope. I think, but am not sure yet, that the reticle is just a tad canted if the scope itself is dead level. This has been addressed on other forums, and I'll post about that once I have everything truly mounted. Overall, everything seems light years ahead of a "cheap" scope and I feel like I'm working with a much higher quality scope, even more so than a Leupold VX-3. The range will tell the true story though.
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You're right, it is a tank. Seems fitting though. Check your bolt handle to scope clearance to see if you can go to low rings. How you liking that front focal mil-dot?
Far different than the scopes I'm used to, but for future range finding purposes, I love the idea. Thanks for the info on how to post the pictures, too. As far as it being a tank... I get the impression that I could throw this thing as hard as I could on my street, right onto the blacktop and it would still work fine. That's what I was after, so I'm happy. Now, all I need is a range where I can find some more serious distance. Sonofphil, I think you may know of one??? Plus, you're wanting to do the same with your setup.
I'm right around 1/4 between my bolt handle and the scope. The low rings will take out exactly 1/4 inch, and I'm still working on which 20 MOA base to get so I'm not quite sure what to do. Plus, the mediums give me the added option of going with a 50 objective in the future.
Going from your current 44 to a 50 will increase the bell by 1/4" all around. I can't tell your clearance from bell to barrel from the pics, but adding an inclined base will drop it even more. For your ring height... man it would be close going down another size. A new base would change the clearance a little, but I don't know. You can take some measurements off mine since it is at the absolute minimum mounting height to still clear everything.

And, yeah, I know a place to make some long distance calls. Next time I go you're invited. We'll have my buds there bring out the .50.
If I may make a suggestion, you may want to move the rear strap down towards the toe of the stock.
That will help keep the bottom corners from curling up and will also help to keep the pack from being shifted during rough use by allowing the pack to "grip" a bigger footprint on the stock.
I'll give that a try, thanks.
I really think I am going to get one of the Falcon Menaces when i get my taxes back. everyone gives them great reviews, and for the price how can you go wrong? I like your scope Paladin because the one thing I won't sacrifice is that I need to have mil-dots. And from what you guys said that guy Matt seems to be really friendly and very professional. Think I will be giving him a call very soon and getting me one of the scopes...
Yeah, Matt was awesome. I had read many different reviews on Sniper Central, Sniperhide and several others, and they say the quality is extremely close to a Mark 4. It even passed the same torture tests as the Mark 4. For about $400, I don't think you can go wrong with it. Granted, I haven't actually used it yet, but based on all the reviews and from it's feel, I'm very happy so far. Just make sure you order the EMD enhanced mil dot reticle. The other is the skeletonized version.
They seem like really great scopes. If you still looking for a 20 MOA base, I would take a look at the ones made by EGW

They have serveral different MOA options you can choose from.

Kinda strange you didn't get a warranty card and paper work of some kind. Can you call the place where you got it from and find out what the deal is? Maybe it was just a fluke that the factory didn't include it in the box.
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