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SPS varmint .308 AICS

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Here is my new Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308.

Details are,
- AICS 1.5
- Leupold Mark 4 scope base
- Leupold Mark 4 high rings
- Bushnell Elite 6-24 x 50
- Harris 6-9 swivel bipod

Some comments
- Stock feels solid and strong, I was a little worried it might feel plasticy and hollow like a toy gun but it feels really good.
- Scope will do for now, not shooting out to 1000 at the moment so the elevation problem everyone talks about is not an issue for me. Zeroed at 100m and still have 3moa down and 40moa up. Glass is nice, turrets are easy to use and have a nice feel to them.
- Butler Creek 44 on front little tight but work ok. Had a butler creek 45 on in but a little loose. Butler Creek 13 on the eye.
- Leupold Mark 4 high rings give me perfect eye alignment and cheek contact with this stock. This stock has a fairly high cheek piece.
- Bolt removes without taking off cheek piece, heard this was a problem but must be a long action problem.
- Harris bi pod is very nice, no way i'm paying $300+ for a AI bi pod.
- Drag bag in the photo is a Tac Force Stryker 52.

If it shoots as good as it looks I'll be very happy.

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Never seen one of those before, Andrew. Sure does look, "the business". Like the rifle cover too. Mind telling me who makes 'em? Very good pics too.
Rifle cover (drag bag) is a Tac Force Stryker 52". Never seen any other drag bags in person before so can't compare it's build and quality to anything else, but it seems well built and will do what I want it to do. I find hard cases a pain to transport, with a soft rifle case I can pack to go away then just put my rifles on to of everything else. Might take some photo's of just the drag bag and put them up if anyone is interested.
When I was looking at buying one of these stocks it was really hard to find good photo's of how the remington looks in it. Plenty of photo's but not that good quality or detail so I hope these ones help anyone else wanting to see some detail.
That's a nice setup for sure! How are you liking that 6-24 scope? I have on on my AR and I seems to be pretty nice for the money. I will say the glass isn't quite as sharp as my Mark 4, but I have no complaints with it really.

How much does a stock like that run? Are you able to adjust the cheek weld and things?
Nice rifle mate. looks very nice. Have you shot it yet???
I'm happy with the Bushnell at the moment although I haven't shot with it much. For the money I can't complain, haven't compared it to my Mark 4 yet maybe next time I go for a shot. The stock can be bought here in Australia (where the distributors and dealers really look after us shooter) for the bargain price of AUD$2000. Or in the US for about US$800, you get a 5rnd mag with the stock. Good thing about it there is usually no wait time if you want one unlike other brands where you can wait months.
Have put a few round through the rifle mounted in my Wild Dog stock but not shot with the AICS, really hanging out to test it with this shock. Looking forward to getting some good target hand loads for it (I'm thinking Sierra 168's or 175's) and some hunting loads (maybe 165's).
Cheek piece can be raised, just loosen 2 bolts just below cheek piece and length of pull can be changed with the use of spacers.
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Mate, Run 175gr match ammo and dont look back, will serve you great out to 1000m plus. My mate took his 700P out to 1219m 2 weeks ago.
Yeah might look at the 175's, from the bit of stuff I have read about them they will do everything the 168's will but have better long range performance. But will all depend on price, my local gun shop has 168's for $78/100, 175"s for $80/100 so I'll have to ring around to see if there are any specials at any of my usual mail order shops. Be nice if down here we had the prices they do in the States for projectiles.
nice rifle mate
i wanting to get a remington varmint and put a bushnell 3200 10x tactical

im from nz (go the warriors) and wondering where you brought your stuff
Bonk, Take some advice mate, get all your stuff except the barreled action from the USA. Much cheaper, well, i think NZ is a lil cheaper then Aussie but you will save a ton by getting your optics, rings, mounts, etc from the USA. I have a 10x Bushnell and its a great scope, not mounted at the moment but Ive gotta build another rifle for it.
Hey Bonk bro, fush un chups, eh bro. Just messin with you dude. I agree 100% with Quick, buy from US when you can. But check your local prices then check some prices on US internet sites and you will see for yourself where the best deals are. Not sure how the NZ dollar is going with the US dollar so you will have to check that too.
I got my barreled action local, everything else from various US suppliers.
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