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I had never seen one of these until i was browsing the MidwayUSA site while i was supposed to be working one day.

here's the link to where i got mine:

They are made out of a polymer and seem to be of pretty good construction. At the moment, i havent had it long enough to tell y'all how much abuse it will handle, but i should find out this fall during hunting season.

It will hold 7+1 rounds of .308 and cycles with no problems at all, very worth the investment if you ask me. if you're shooting a .223, it'll bump you up to 9+1. all you need to do is install a small plastic piece that comes with the xtender.

here's how it looks when you get it:

this is the only piece i can see breaking on it, the piece in the middle is what holds the magazine spring in place. it's just pressed it and melted to the rest of the body (i'm not sure what the manufacturing process for that would be called)

1. remove trigger guard from stock and remove the spring

2. use a punch and a small hammer to remove the hing pin on the factory floor plate. i kept the old one just in case i wanna reinstall it down the road. keep the pin, you'll reuse it.

3. now you can start test fitting, mine was a little tight, so i use a box cutter to file down the ends

4. once you get it shaved down to your liking and install the magazine spring/follower

5. install it on the rifle

6. paint if desired
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