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Tactical or Varmit

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I 'm new here.
I was looking at a 700 SPS yesterday and they had two.
one was a 20" barrel tactical and one was a 24" barrel Varmit.
For long range, out to 1000 yds, which is better?
They were both 700SPS, only diff was barrel length and stock.
Both stocks were plastic, the varmit one had 2 sling studs in front.
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Well, with both rifles, you will want to replace the stocks first. The 24" barrel will be better for 1000yd work. But the 20" barrel is stiffer and more rigid. Depends on what you prefer really. which feels better??

How often will you be shooting 1000yds? Do you handload?
Yes, I do handload, why do you say I'll want to replace the stock?
I don't know if I'll ever shoot 1000 yds but I do have my own 500
yd range. I'm a Cowboy Action shooter and also play with the AR-15
plateform. This is new to me and from what I've read, the 700SPS was
GTG right out of the box. I've got Varmit rifles in 223 and 243, this would
be my first medium bore (308).
It is pretty good right out of the box... I still use the standard plastic stock and I get very tight groups at 100 yards. However, the plastic stock isn't quite as strong as an aftermarket synthetic - there's a little flex to it in the fore-end.

I've been hesitant to swap the stock because I've been happy with the performance. I would try it with the standard stock first and see how it works for you!

Mine is also the .308. I wouldn't be concerned about the 20" barrel either. The 24" will give you more velocity, but like Quick said, the 20" will be stiffer and more accurate.

Welcome to the forums!!
When using a bipod, the stock does touch the barrel so at times you may not get consistant groups. Ive got a 700P take off stock which is much stiffer and should perform well. The 20" barrel will be good out to say 600yds, but with factory ammo, you can get out to 1000yds as long as you keep the bullets fast enough. Thats the catch, at that range, its velocity. Thats a reaon my PALMA rifle has a 26" barrel.

If you get the varmint with the 26" barrel, You may not like the stock but if you do then why not.

Get what feels best for YOU!!!!!!
If you haven't seen this review of the SPS Tactical over at Sniper Central, it's a good one!
The major thing with the factory stock of the 24 and 26 inch barrels of the varmint SPS is that the barrel is not freefloating which is deffinaltly a factor for distances of 1000 yards. I just got my SPS Varmint in 26" and the factory stock was replaced with a tactical stock which is more fitting for a long range rifle. Two accuacy benefits of an after market stock would be a free-floating barrel, and an aluminum bedding which also helps stabalize and strenthen the action and barrel. If you want to see what it might look like cosmeticly, i have a pic posted on the other forum.
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