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Training Rifles.

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G'day guys. What do you all use as a trainer/plinker rifle. Cal, make, model, accessories, etc like that.

I use this, Its a CZ 452 Deluxe .22LR w/ a Bushnell 2.5x20.

She's me pride and joy!!!!!
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I always wanted to get a Remington 541T .22, but always wanted another CF more. Now the 541 rifles are not available new any more.

If I had the money, I'd get a Kimber, or if he wouldn't have stepped on his own weenie in golf spikes, a Cooper.
Dont grab a Kimber, for the cost, you can grab a CZ or Toz and it will shoot just as well. I think that a good quality .22LR is a must for shooters like us. they are fun and they help us practice.
I agree with Quick, I think Kimbers are a bit overpriced. They have good magazines for the 1911 though! :D
The kimbers are just way over priced, especially down here. I'm mean, $1600 for the SVT and my CZ will most likely out shoot the bugger. I only paid about $659 for my CZ. Thats in Aussie dollars btw. And the Quality on my CZ is just superb!!!!!
The thing about the Kimbers is that they are sooo pretty. Particularly the Super America. Yeah I know, shallow.

SF, have you ever tried Wilson 1911 mags? I have about a half dozen and I really like them. The ten rounder is really cool.
Its a Russian made .22LR. Made by the Tula Arms Plant. Have a look at them. Kiwi on SC has one and loves it.
I too am a big fan of the CZ 452 and 453 Varmint models.

Although I am not a big fan of Savage's "AccuTrigger", their model MARK II-FV is a nice trainer with a very affordable price tag.
Yeah, I'll agree that the Savages are nice but I think the CZ 452/453s are the best value for money .22LR rifle money can buy. They really are great rifles. I think the 453 Varmint in a McMillian Rimfire Magnum stock is the way to go. Just looks soo nice.
Well, My new scope for ma CZ came in the mail today finally. I bought a Nikko Sterling MountMaster 4x40 2nd hand from a guy here in Australia on a aussie hunting forum. It looks nice and its better then the Arctic Fox 4x32 it had one it taht I mounted on the weekend. My Arctic Fox 4x32 was an old air rifle scope that didnt work on the air rifle soo i tryed it on the CZ and I think its well and truly F***** so I mounted the Nikko Sterling 4x40 on it and it looks sweet!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get to ma mates place and try it out on their 50m range and then move back to the 100m. They have recently set up a a range that goes from 25m to 50m, 75m and 100m. There is room for I think out to 150m if not 200m soo I will proberly spend more time shooting there. There is also a crow issue that gets dealt with via their 12GA and my 20GA. I'll post some pictures soon. Proberly tomorrow. Also, when I get the pictures, I'll post up some from my weekend at my mates place with 7 of us younguns (2 Firearms licence holders though) had a boat load of fun shooting.
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I'll post up another thread for you guys.
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