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Tubb's Final Finish - Barrel treatment

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Has anyone here used any of these on their barrel?

I bought one of those kits awhile back and followed the directions and ran those treated bullets through my barrel. Some may argue it doesn't really do anything and some may say it does. I think it does however.

Since my rifle already shot around .5 MOA, I only had to run bullets with 3, 4 and 5 compounds on them. What it's supposed to do is remove any burs or any imperfections in the barrel that would normally be their from a factory gun. I guess it's sorta like what barrel lapping would do. There was another benefit I noticed right away and that was a smoother bore that resulted in easier cleaning and less fouling!

All in all, I think it was worth the ~$30 price tag. I encourage you all to check them out.
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Yes, I used this in the rifle I built for my father.

It shoots 3/8 inch groups at 100 yards.

This is called Fire Lapping the barrel.

I used the Tubb Final finish Ammunition, (.30-06), to close up a really sick new Ruger Model 77 Stainless that wouldn't group worth a damn. (Top picture). The ammo came in 2 abrasive grades, coarse and fine. I fired the coarse ammo first, (10 rounds), then cleaned per instructions. After that I then fired the 10 fine rounds. I then cleaned again per instructions, and fired the group that is boxed in in the lower photo. The other 4 rounds on the left were fired after adjusting the scope. Once it settled in it was cutting one ragged hole. I was about to give up on this rifle, as I tried every handloading trick in the book with it. The Tubb Ammo did the trick.

If you use it make sure you get all of the Copper fouling out of your barrel before you start. Otherwise you'll be polishing Copper instead of barrel steel. If I ever used it again I think I would buy the bullets and handload them myself. I bought this ammo as a "last ditch effort". I figured I didn't have anything to lose. The rifle really cleaned up easily afterward. You could see the improved finish in the barrel. It had a noticeably more brilliant shine. Bill T.
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Bill, that's great to see those results. I bought the kit that would allow me to handload the bullets myself. I noticed the "shine" in the barrel as well!

I ran those bullets on a new barrel that had only about 50 rounds through it. I made sure I got the copper out of there first!
Nice results! Anything to help those nasty Rugers shoot better, eh? :D
BK said:
Nice results! Anything to help those nasty Rugers shoot better, eh? :D
You got it. I don't know if it's their barrels, or just Rugers in general, but most are plagued with accuracy issues. I know there are Rugers that shoot well, but for every one you show me that does, I'll show you a boxcar load that won't. I got lucky with this one. I know several guys who bought Ruger bolt actions and #1 Single Shots and just gave up on them. Bill T.
i want to bring this topic back up because i too have been thinking about doing this, but my stick is shooting .213" groups at 100 and i dont want to screw it up lol..

any other members do this to their rifles yet?
I think it was Lilja custom barrel site were I read this. The bullet passing through the barrel automatically takes out the imperfections in a barrel, but at first there will be quite some copper left behind that's why I clean my barrels from copper when I can. Some may argue and say that NO you need some copper well yes if your barrel is not polished up real good then the only thing that takes the imperfections out is the copper that covers them. My 700 had spiral contour even inside of it. Now its like my match grade shilen barrel thats on my AR 6.8 SPC nice and polished :) Hope this helps with something.

This is the setups I use to clean the copper

Now this is what my results are.
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