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Tumbling Question

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I have the RCBS Vibratory Cleaner and I like it very much... seems to work quite well.

I've been using 1/2 corn cob and 1/2 walnut media with no additive... I prefer to keep the media as dry as possible because I don't like the film that results from using any kind of case polish. However, my question is, what's the fastest way to clean dirty brass... I mean dirty - once fired stuff. It takes about 6-8 hours to get them clean enough to where I would be comfortable running them through my dies!

I've read this stuff works really well... and being a liquid I wonder if it wouldn't leave behind all that much residue? It supposedly cuts tumbling time in half!

Flitz Additive:

I also use - used dryer sheets in my tumbler to help absorb some of the crud from the brass as it's tumbling. This seem to help keep the media a little cleaner! :D

Anybody have any good tips or "home remedies" for cleaning brass or some suggestions about things I can try to shorting my tumbling time and still get shinny brass more quickly?
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I use a 50/50 mix of Lyman Treated Corn Cob and Corn Blast.

Works very well and no film.
Thanks M700. I'll have to look into the Lyman stuff. What is corn blast? Is that the stuff they would use in "sand blasting" equipment?

How many hours would you say it takes to get dirty brass nice and clean?
Corn Blast should be availabloe from a sandblasting supply house in a 50lb bag.

Also add a sheet or two of used Bounce Dryer sheets to the tumbler to reduce/eliminate the dust and to extend the media life. Change it with every tumbler load.

New, it can take up to 2 hrs, but when it starts to take 4 hrs to get the same level of clean, I just replace the media.
Just a quick update...

I've been experimenting with tumbling "recipes" and I've found a system that works quite well I think. It seems that there are many tumbling recipes out there and each person has their way of doing things. At the very least, this is "my" way of doing things that works well for me and gives good results without too much hassle!

My goal is to always reduce the amount of time I have to spending handling the brass, as I deal with large quantities at a time.

Here's my recipe:

  • Tumble in 50/50 cor cob and walnut media (I'm using RCBS media now, but I'm thinking of trying the cat litter and lizard litter in the future)[/*]
  • I add a very minimal amount of Flitz media additive (this will remove the tarnish and build up and give nice results, without leaving a greasy film)[/*]
  • Let this tumble for 4 hours to ensure it's nice and clean[/*]
  • Separate from media and re-size/deprime[/*]
  • I then wash the brass in hot tap water to remove excess lubricant (I use the Lee Case Lube which is water soluble)[/*]
  • I then shake off as much of the loose water as I can and then throw them back into the tumbler for 1 more hour[/*]
  • Separate from media once again and finish processing![/*]
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