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Urban camo + Stock Tex + R700 = (Lots of pics!)

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Hey every one,

I'm new to this forum, but I am on SC a lot! You all have some nice R700's in here. Wanted to share mine with you.

(I know the pics are not that grate, they where just taken on my bed with my phone)

I wanted to do my own Idea of the urban camo. A mix between the gap camo, and the urban camo (I'm) use to seeing. Its hard to tell with the low light and pic quality, but there are black rips throwout the paint job its self.

With the tex job, I wanted to do something on the forend that would not cover up all of the stock, and keep you from seeing the camo. But still be the right amount for some added grip. Seems like you use your fingers the most to hold onto things, so this seemed like the solution to me. On my next rifle, I may make it a little wider though, so far its worked perfectly though!

Let me know what you think guys :D

Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308
Mark 4 30mm Med rings
NF 20moa 1-piece Base
WOTAC Scope 4-14x50
Harris 9-13
H-S Stock
Black Hawk Cheek pad
Tac Ops Bolt Knob
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Loss, Nice mate. I said it on SC and I'll say it again, one very nice rifle indeed. Is that a 700LTR stock?? Looks like it. And, a nice Gen 3 WOTAC. Could you post your review of the Gen3 up on the optic forum here for the guys who arnt members of SC to see??
It has a very "clean" look to it! Very nice! I think I'm going to have to try the painting thing myself one of these days! Did you paint that yourself? Would the paint stick to my Hogue overmoled stock? I may have to tear off the rubber stuff first.
No, the paint wont stick to the Hogue stock. I would not try to sand that stock or tear it off at all.

And yes, It is a LTR stock lol. I am suprized you could tell!

As for the review on the scope, Ill be happy to post it on the site here. :D
Thanks for showing an interest :D
Yeah, just the shape of the stock and the fact that you said it was a HS gave it away to me. Post a range report when you get the time aswell.
Great job on the rifle! And the review on the scope. Does it have infinite number of adjustments on the elevation and windage?
Hehe, thanks. The scope has a full 80moa of adjustment. I went and added that into the review, thanks ;).
Do they except money orders! I checked out that scope and it seems like an outstanding scope especially for the price.
I don't know if Mat will, but I am sure Forrest Ebert will take a money order.

Forrest Ebert
Wotac Scopes Representative
(510) 439 - 8571

He is a grate guy! Let him know "Stephen" gave you his number. He has done so much to help me out that I do what I can to return the favor.
Thanks for the info...I appreciate it.
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