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Welllll, the wait begins

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I decided on a SWFA Super Sniper 10x42 scope, and ordered tonight. Plan to pick the rifle up off lawaway tomorrow, or Friday at the latest. Got a few boxes of WWb in 7.62, and one box of BlackHills Match waiting on it. In the process of ordering some stuff to load up some decent match rounds, but cant seem to find more than one product at a place. I have some Varget just need primers and bullets, and brass. Can find primers but no other powder, bullets, no brass, brass, no powder. Feel like the movie "Friday" Kool aid, no sugga, cereal no mile, ham, no bread.......

Anyway, cant wait to get it all together and see what shes got in her how she is. Im sure Ill end up swapping stocks, scopes etc. But also confident itll be the best shooter I got with the possible ecption of the ole .17HMR.
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Do you have a local Gander Mountain or anything? I just picked up a bag of 50 Winchester .308 cases to get me started. Still using those actually.

Will you have to order powder or can you buy it locally? I bought some from Elk Country sports... they had tons of stuff. I ordered some stuff from them when powder was hard to get for a bit.

Try Midway USA or Bruno Shooter Supply for bullets. It would be nice to get them in one location as you said, but in case you have to shop around here are a couple of links:

Bruno has both powder and bullets in stock - I just checked!

You could save your brass from those boxes of factory ammo you bought and use those to get you buy until you can get the stuff you want.
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I have a cabellas close. A bass pro not too far. There's a local gun shop that has a decent sele tion usually, they're just a bit on the expensive. Side. I had something to take care of this morning, so I went and got my rifle (yea!!) and on the way home was able to pick up some primers and some 4064 powder. I ended up ordering some brass and bullets from midway last night (I think lol) just waiting on the scope to get here. Can't wait to shoot her
Did Midway have some .308 brass in stock? I was looking last night... I didn't see any. Maybe you got the last of it!

Cain't wait for a range report!
SemperFi said:
Did Midway have some .308 brass in stock? I was looking last night... I didn't see any. Maybe you got the last of it!

Cain't wait for a range report!

Yes. I thought I had ordered Winchester brass but just checked the invoice. I got remington. Tomorrow should be like Christmas. Scope, rings, and base are scheduled to be delivered as well as brass and some SMKs. I got a jar of varget and 4064 and about 300 lr primers just itching to make some ammo. I'm gonna be leaving work early and stopping by cabelas to get my dies on the way home!!
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