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went to the range today!

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welll took some pics of my 700 sps tactical and my M&P..sighted in good!shoots great

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Nice pics mate. Looks awesome.
Very Nice Pics I like the First one the Best. Nice looking Rifle and Pistol
Nice pics... I too like the 1st one. I hunt in WV....Bruceton Mills. All my deer hunting has been done with bow/arrow though. Never harvested a deer with a gun to be honest with ya....that may change in the near future.
That Harris the non "S" version? That's on my list of "needs" for the 308. Does the Harris need an additional part/accessory to attach the sling to it?


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im using a Rock Range bi pod not harris..holds up can pick em for around $40 bucks...andnot for sure where bruceton mills from Charleston,the Capital city.Theres some idea heavy bucks in WV just sucks WV is getting over crowded with hunters
Nice rifle. Can't beat a 700.
Those are some great pics!!!
I love the 1st one as well, but they are all very artistic, I for some reson just like this one....

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