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With the new Stock

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Hey guys. Here's the results with the new B&C stock put on. I had some help from Jerrschmitt figuring out that I needed to file down my front action screw to get the thing to fit.
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It was amazing to me how far out of whack the thing got just by replacing the stock. I didn't bore site it before going to the range and it took me four groups of four to get it back in line.
Nice groups! Did the stock change improve your group size at all?

How do you like the A-Max bullets?
The group's are about the same as before, but I like the feel and pull length better. So, I think as I get used to it I can tighten it up a little. I have a 26 inch heavy barrel. At 100 yards I should be able to get it down under .75 MOA. Each square on the target in the pic is 1 MOA at 100 yards.

I like the A-max rounds except for their price. In fact though not recommended, I killed a doe with one this year. She got about 30 yards before she dropped from the massive internal damage. I don't have the time or desire to load my own and I wish I could get match ammo below $30 a box.
Once you are setup for reloading it's not really all that much work for one rifle and the savings are immense! I usually will prep and load 25 cases or so in about an hour for mw .308.
If I drag in one more accessory my wife is going to kill me. Plus I'll have to fight her for the space. The pack rat.
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