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work out at the range

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Put a new scope (only a Barska) on and put 26 rounds through the 700 this morning. She shot fine but I still have issues getting 4 rounds to sit correctly in the well. Put 40 rounds through my new Marlin 336 30-30 too, have to go soak my shoulder now!
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Are you rounds loaded to the standard 2.80" OAL and they still don't fit well? Are you the one where it's tips forward or something?
I don't re-load and only shoot newly manufactured rounds (from several makers) so I would assume they are at the proper dimensions. I drop the back end of a round in toward the rear of the well and press them in with the first three fingers of my right hand.

They can really go anywhere, nose up or down, even at the far upper left of the well where they don't belong. I have been dropping in one round at a time and they feed fine that way, helps to keep the barrel a bit cooler that way (I think).

Normally I prefer to keep things relatively factory stock but I think I might choose to "build" my 700. Starting with a Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist A2 Style stock and perhaps a Wyatt's Outdoor Detachable Magazine Assembly. That should increase accuracy and negate the loading problems. What do you think of that combo???
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I would say that would be a good place to start. I would say any aftermarket magazine assembly would probably be better than stock.

To be honest I load my rounds one at a time... makes me wonder how well mine would sit/feed from the magazine. :/
Is this a new gun. If so I had problems with mine until I really paid attention to how I was loading. Break out the owners specifically says how to load and has picture. Mine was kind of testy too. I attribute that to it being brand new and things like the spring and mechanics trying to seat.
Yes the rifle is new. Per your advice I checked the manual Kennedyford but I can't see that I'm really doing anything off the page. I don't mind chambering one at a time, I just don't like thinking there is something wrong with the rifle.

If you get around to it SemperFi see how yours acts? Thanks gents!

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Come to think of it I have never loaded 4 + 1, only one at a time or the troublesome 4 in the mag well alone. Maybe loading 4 and pushing them down enough to keep the bolt on top and dropping one in the chamber makes a difference?

I might get my "Green Monster" out to the 200 yard rage next week and report back with results...
I hope to get 50 down range this weekend if the rain lets me! I'll try 4 + 1 loading...
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