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Folks I have a Remington 700 SPS in 300WSM I bought this summer (2010), It is a short action gun shoots good, It has the stock off my varmint rifle on it and I will leave the Leupold 1 piece scope base and rings on it, and include all the brass and box of 50+ reloads with it. as well as 2 partial boxes of factory ammo, and my RCBS dies and shell holder which include a FL sizer die, a Neck sizer, and the seating die.

What I want is a or combination of a Beretta 96 FS (40cal), with a or without threaded barrel. I will consider a 92FS or M9 again a threaded barrel is always welcome. I would also entertain a Browning HP in 9/40. I may consider other 40 cal pistols I prefer to trade vs selling my rifle.

I am in Lake County and have access to a range for anyone who would like to shoot mine before finalizing a trade.

Mine has nothing wrong with it, I was gonna use it for hogs until I got another heavy barrel 308, and forgot how much I like the 308 vs anything else and I cant see the need for the 300wsm. ... %20300WSM/

PM or email me [email protected] or [email protected] it goes to my phone.

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