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Yahoo! The New Stock is Here!

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Hi guys. I finally got my new Bell & Carlson Varmint/Tactical Medalist stock. Just got it today so I haven't shot it yet, but it looks cool. I got mine on-line from Stocky's Stocks and I can speak very highly for their customer service. Very nice folks and very patient with all of my questions. This is Bell & Carlson's stock model #2092 in Olive Green Web pattern. It has a "grip to tip" aluminum bedding block and in looks and construction is very close to a McMillan. Except a McMillan goes for about $500 and this one came in at $217 plus shipping. Anyway check it out. What do you think?

Also I have attached my new Barksa SWAT 6x24x50 scope and I inserted a pic of the muzzle brake as well. I know the Barksa is a cheapee, but I have to tell you it's a good scope. Clear optics, lighted reticle, and precise adjusments.

Later in the year I am going to Dura Coat this thing in some sort of MultiCam or desert pattern.

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Nice stock! I've considered the same one. Both OD and Black web. The price is hard to beat and I've heard that the quality is very good.
Thanks. I have been playing with it and love the grip and feel of the stock. Although I did wrap a little McNett Camo Wrap around the pistol grip to improve the texture. I found the bare stock a little slick. I have also found it to provide better eye relief for the scope. Can't wait to get to the range this weekend to try it out.
I've been considering one of these B&C stocks as well. I like the price point!
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