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You guys are gonna hate me.

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G'day guys.

My SPS Tactical build is going to have to wait a bit. My Dad has said that he will go halves with me in a secondhand Steyr SSG-69. He prefers european built rifles and it we could find one, a Parker Hale M85/M82 would be in our safe. He likes the Steyrs and said that he would go halves with me in a SSG-69 so I agreed. Partly as I really like the Steyrs and also to try and get him back into the shooting sports. Hes being out of it for a while and when he saw the Steyr Scout, he said he really liked it but I convinced him about the SSG-69.

Soo, the SPS Tactical build will be put on the back burner for a bit but I will STILL build one up, just not for my next rifle.

I'll still be around, but just not building a SPS yet. The SSG-69 will come first.
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I’ve been fortunate enough to have fired both the Steyr SSG-69 and the Parker-Hale M85 and both are fine precision rifles.

I do have to say that out past 600 meters (650 yrds), I would have to go with the Parker Hale M85 or the Remington 700.
Either way I'm sure you'll have fun building this gun and shooting it! That's you can shoot with your dad also. You should have struck a deal however and said, "Since I'm going halves on the SSG-69, that he has to agree to pay 25% of the SPS in future.." :lol:
Trigger, What can you tell me about the SSG??

SemperFi, I dont think he will pay 25% of the SPS. But maybe if I find a nice Parker Hale??
Here are a few of the things that I recall about the SSG-69 that I didn't care for.

The cycling action of the bolt was not a smooth as the Remington. That could be due to the very tight tolerances Steyr uses, but was a bit irritating when going for follow-up shots.

Also, if I remember correctly, the factory scope rings seemed to be high for "medium" rings and the factory base did not have the 20 MOA elevation required for shots beyond 800 meters out to 1,000 meters, which could be why the SSG-69 lost out to the Remington M24 during U.S. military testing back in 1986.

It is also my understanding that replacement parts are extremely expensive and after-market parts and accessories are rare, at least here in the U.S.

The SSG-69 does have a wonderful history, is highly accurate and would be a great addition to any collection.
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A friend of mine has an SSG-69 and it's a nice shooter - I just don't like the stock - but it has about 4000 rounds through it and the groups have opened up to about 1MOA, from 1/4MOA if he did his part and needs a replacement barrel. No one can do it as the barrels are pressed in. It would have to be returned to the factory for re-barrelling.
Yeah, see that seems to be an issue. But if I can find one with only about 1000rds or less I'd be very happy. I was thinking that If I wanted a 20MOA rail, I could buy a blank and get it fitted. It would cost more but it would give me a 20MOA rail.

Where would one get after market parts for them, rings and such??
Quick Update. No longer going for the SSG69. Ive decided on a 700 based rifle. the SSG parts and stuff just is too expensive and hard to get. I have found a 2nd hand 700 SPS that now has a 24" heavy Remington Barrel and is wearing a HS 700P stock. Its in excellent condition and at a good price. Its more like a 700P then a SPS.
Quick that sounds like a good deal! How many rounds does it have down the barrel?
The add says very few so if under 100rds then Thats very very good. Ill put a Bushnell 5-15x40 Tactical or a Bushnell 6-24x50 Tactical on it.
Oh wow... I would definately go for it. Post some pics when you get it!
I will do. Im going to try and put a deposit on it first. I cant take the risk on the mother finding out before I fix my Ute (had a run in with a rather large Roo, he's dead, my car is stuffed). Me and my Dad considered it but cant take the risk.

The rifle is exactly what I want and Will prove to be good base for a M40A1 build in the puture perhaps??
Oh wow, glad you're OK though.

Good idea on the deposit! :lol:

I would say a definate possibility for a M40A1 build. Those may have an even heavier barrel, though not sure about that.
I had the accident about 6 months ago and my ute has been sitting out the back ever since. I've been driving around a Patrol 3.0L Turbo Deisel. I love that Patrol.

Well, Its a 24" Rem heavy barrel so the length is about right for a M40A1. The scope will be the expesive part. Its about $2500 US for the Unertl/MST-100 10x.

Heres a pic from the Add.

It looks great IMO.
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Yeah I looked at the Unertl's as well... until I saw the price tag! But I guess if you are going to do a replica build then go for it.

That gun does look very good, looks like it already has the scope mount. After seeing the pic from the ad, I would certainly go for it as well. Too good of a deal to pass up!
Actually, the Unertl MST-100 has been replace by the Schmidt & Bender 3–12 x 50 PM II with illuminated reticle. The USGI mount for the M40A3 is an extended DD Ross 30 MOA lugged Picatinny rail to accomidate the Simrad KN200 Night Vision Weapon Sight, but I don't beleive that it is avaialble to the civilian market. Instead you can use the Badger Ordnance 30 MOA lugged Picatinny mount, which was designed for the Schmidt & Bender, and their USMC M40A3 34mm rings.
yeah, I no that but I wnat the MST-100. I want to build an earlier M40A1 and they just look soo damn sexy!!!!!

BTW, from that pic, does that look like one of the heavy contour varmint/tactical barrels??
Quick said:
BTW, from that pic, does that look like one of the heavy contour varmint/tactical barrels??
Yes I think it's the heavy one also. I think they are something like .875" diamerter at the muzzle.

Did you put down a deposit on it yet? I think you said you were going to do that. :D
Yeah, just waiting for my pay to come through. I've got to see if they will accept a $200 deposit. And I have to convince the old man.
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